Ripped from the headlines

#14: Head to your favourite online news source. Pick an article with a headline that grabs you. Now, write a short story based on the article.

The website I visit on a daily basis is the Metro‘s, as I love the stories they publish (especially in their weird news section). Today, the following story titled ‘Incredible video compares how London looked in 1927 and 2013‘, really caught my eye and I thoroughly recommend that everyone takes the time to watch it – it’s amazing! It was fascinating to have a first person view of what it was like to live in London 85 years ago and I loved spotting the buildings and famous landmarks that still remain today. This incredible footage filmed with a brand new (1920’s brand new) colour film camera, inspired film-maker Simon Smith to follow cinematographer Claude Friese-Greene’s tour of the UK (whose original footage, revived and restored by the British Film Institute, can be found here), to create this fabulous side by side depiction of city life, separated by almost nine decades. I must admit, it was a shame to not see Buckingham Palace amongst the iconic landmarks although I doubt whether it’s changed that much, if at all! By viewing Claude’s original footage, I was treated to an adorable little girl serving roasted nuts from a cart, which can still be found throughout London today and can be tracked down by their sickly-sweet smell. I mostly remember seeing these carts along Victoria Embankment and across Westminster Bridge, and they always seem to have a separate hot dog cart only a foot away, fiercely competing for customers! I hate to digress but I do have a very clear memory of witnessing a food fight between the owners of these two carts once, with roasted nuts and hot dogs flying in every direction thinkable …

Coming back to the original prompt, all I have left to say is that watching both sets of footage side by side, reminds me of why I love being a part of London life so much!

3 thoughts on “Ripped from the headlines

  1. What an interesting post! I think the only thing that has really changed at Buckingham Palace is that when it is open for visitors in the summer there are very useful temporary shelters, reminiscent of pavilions. (I assume they are temporary.) London, like everywhere else, is changing al the time. Sue

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