Toot your horn

#16: Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favourite thing about yourself.

My favourite thing about myself is my ability to flourish under pressure. Throughout my years in education and my time here at the magazine, I have found myself in various nerve-wracking and quite frankly uncomfortable situations, but have always thrown myself into it as to me, refusing to complete the tasks asked of me is simply unacceptable. My motto has always been to say yes to what ever opportunity presents itself, whether it be interviewing, covering premieres, representing the magazine at events, solely editing and narrating online videos or simply turning large workloads around in a short space of time, regardless of how nervous or inexperienced I may be – it’s the only way I’ll learn and expand my abilities!

As an example, the junket above is from my first press trip (where I was representing the magazine alone) and I’d only interviewed one other person prior to this. Before I flew out, my questions had unfortunately not been approved by the team as they hadn’t had time to look at them, so (being the highly organised individual that I am) I spent the entire flight to Iceland perfecting my interview! I remember sitting outside waiting to be called in – I was absolutely petrified before I entered this tiny little shoe box room, which was crammed with tonnes of electrical equipment and at least 5 people. However, when I sat down opposite Peter and it was time to perform, my nerves instantly melted away and before I new it, it was all over! It only took one take without any pauses or breaks, and when my brother and I had edited the final version, we showed our parents and I had never felt prouder! I remember watching it, not being able to believe what I’d achieved and that I was the interviewer – it was sort of dream like in that it had flown by so quickly. It was the beginning of many achievements, that happened to follow such an inspiring and life changing trip.

Whilst out there, I also accepted the challenge to do a lone piece to camera and another junket style interview about the natural wonders to be witnessed in Iceland! I hope you thoroughly enjoy both videos as I thoroughly enjoyed making them!

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