365 Days of Writing Prompts rebellion!


Today’s prompt of writing my own eulogy, was one that I didn’t fancy completing, so instead I thought I’d lighten the mood by sharing ten fascinating facts about dolphins. Enjoy!

– Did you know, newborn dolphins have a tiny patch if hair on their chins!
– If a dolphin becomes sick, other dolphins will take turns pushing it to the surface so that it can breathe.
– Some wild dolphins play catch with coconuts.
– Dolphins can swim up to seven times faster than the fastest swimming human!
– Dolphins have between 80 and 100 teeth.
– Fifty million years ago, whale and dolphin ancestors walked on land. They are the distant relatives of hoofed animals such as deer, hippos and bison!
– Killer whales are actually dolphins!
– A dolphin’s beak-like snout is called a rostrum.
– Dolphins have two stomachs; one is used to store food and the other is used to digest it.
– A dolphin’s eyeballs move independently of each other. One eye can look straight ahead whilst the other looks straight up!

Image: Chicago Zoological Society

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