My life is a musical!

Music heart

#26: What role does music play in your life?

Music IS my life. Ask anyone I know and they’ll tell you exactly the same. If I’m not listening or dancing to music, I’m singing instead! I must admit that I’ve actually lost count of how many pairs of in-ear headphones I’ve gone through, as one side always seems to fall silent after a few months … over usage! The genres I listen to and enjoy the most are the chart toppers, varied albums taken from West End shows and when extreme concentration is needed, wordless classical music (as this way I wouldn’t be able to get distracted by singing along!). Music allows you to be so expressive, it can be a complete mood changer (i.e. is great for a quick pick me up) and the majority of lyrics are easy to relate to and therefore possess powerful meanings and memories to various situations in your life.

If I was given the choice between listening to music whilst chilling out in my room or being able to boogie and appreciate music live, even though I love both I’d always, hands down, choose to be witnessing it live. Being able to see, hear and absorb the beautiful melodies, the buzz of the audience and of course the incredible voices, is simply a magical and inspiring experience. If it was up to me and money was no object, I’d make sure that I saw at least three live performances a week … actually, this is going to be one of my rules for when I move into London, as I’d have no excuse – it would be right on my doorstep!

Music is most definitely the way to my heart! … especially since the entire time spent writing this post, was accompanied by the magnificent sounds of Pharrell Williams’ Happy, Martin Garrix’s Animals, Bastille’s Of The Night, Katy Perry’s Roar, Little Mix’s Move, Ellie Goulding’s Burn and Gary Barlow’s Let Me Go, to name a few!

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