Writing room

#34: A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?


The first thing that came to mind, was a room full of cosy beanbags and cushions! Thinking about it a little more, it’s maybe not the most practical of writing environments. Although, since it’s going to be my perfect space, one side of the room could be for my reading time, covered in cosy (yet posture appropriate) bean bags, soft blankets and of course some sort of book holder device so that I could read for hours without my arms aching! On the other side of the room would be a spacious, white vintage desk, with enough storage space to house everything I could possibly need as well as a secret compartment that hid my mac (I don’t have one, but hopefully the genie would be kind enough to provide one!) out of sight. It would also have a vase full of my favourite flowers, multi-coloured gerberas and forget me nots, sitting on the right side of the desk and I would be looking out of a large window, either at a countryside scene or a hustle & bustle city (I haven’t quite decided which I’d prefer). I’d be seated in a sturdy, soft leather armchair, which I could sink into (something similar to the ones seen in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – tall, enclosing, generally cosy), allowing my mind to work in comfort. The walls would be painted in duck egg blue and to compliment this, I would have white lace accents added to various pieces of furniture, i.e. lamp shades, curtains/blinds etc. I would also soundproof the walls, so that any drummer/guitar/heavy metal addicted neighbours can play until their hearts content, whilst I can concentrate on my true passions – reading and writing!

I hope I actually meet a genie someday … I now want this room!

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