Karma chameleon

#39: Reincarnation: do you believe in it?


I hope it does exist. I guess there’s no real way in knowing if it does exist until we each get there but all I know is the following experience made me think that it’s quite possible! Shortly after my Great Nan passed away last year, we were heading out to buy a few things ahead of her funeral. It was a sunny day (I remember it as if it was yesterday) and as we got in the car, a Red Admiral butterfly flew past us and landed on the front of our house. Fair enough, we do tend to get a lot of Red Admirals in our back garden during the summer months, but this was October! Our buddleia tree, which they are addicted to, had died and so they shouldn’t have been around – plus it was too cold for them. What made me believe in reincarnation even more was the fact that my grandparents (my Great Nan’s son) who live closer to London, so there is less greenery, also had a Red Admiral land on the front of their house THE SAME DAY! They never get these butterflies in their area, not even in spring/summer, so it definitely wasn’t coincidental. So, from that day on, I have viewed butterflies as a sign from my Great Nan reminding us that she’ll always be around.


Images: my own photographs.

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