Cupid’s arrow

#45: It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an ode to someone or some- thing you love. Bonus points for poetry!

At the moment I don’t have the one someone in my life right now and I couldn’t decide who to choose, as their isn’t one person that I love more than another. So, even though this will no doubt sound sickening to some, I’m going to dedicate this ode to my entire family.

Here goes my first ever ode…

I’ve never been able to say this out loud,
But being part of this family really makes me proud.
We may seem to others like an odd bunch at times,
But I see these as our secret little signs,
That we are comfortable enough to be who we are,
Since we know that love and support will never be far.
I’ve always known that I am the luckiest girl on Earth,
Proven when we come together to celebrate the day of my birth.
And so I write this ode to all of you today,
To thank you and tell you that I love you in every single way.

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