#50: Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

The most recent ones were during The Outdoor Show, although I’m not too sure if they count as a nightmare as they were more weird dreams than anything. So, Nick (Spellman, AnimalMan) knows that I don’t like the tarantulas… but do you remember as a kid cupping your hands together and pretending you had a creepy crawly housed between them? Come on… everyone’s done it! Well, this is sort of what Nick did in my dream, except he DID have the tarantula and I then whacked it out of his hands in fright, sending it flying! My dream then cut to him getting a baby alligator out of a carry case… which he clearly doesn’t have! The next night, the dream was about his burmese python locking it’s jaws around my thigh and refusing to let go – which when I screamed at Nick to get it off, he casually replied ‘sorry, there’s nothing much I can do now that it’s got you!’. I think these dreams were just me worrying about how Nick’s shows would go at the show since I had organised and managed the entire thing.

I guess if we’re talking about scary nightmares, the one that sticks out it my mind (which of course, is keeping with my theme of being completely unrealistic) was when my brother and I were on our way home in the light of day. We turned the corner to see a fully grown male lion at the other end of the road. Before we’d started running, it had spotted us and began leaping in our direction. The most stressful part was the fact that in this dream, my brother couldn’t keep up with me and the lion was gradually closing in. We scrambled up a tree but it was too late. The lion had already grabbed my brother and that is when I woke up in fright. On reflection, I know where the lion came from. I’d been managing and editing Big Cats Alive (the fourth topic from NG Kids Alive), so had been watching tonnes of footage showing lions hunting and killing their prey. When I told my brother about this dream, he casually said ‘don’t worry about me. I wouldn’t need to outrun the lion, I’d just need to outrun you!’. Thanks very much. Stripping it right back to basics though, I think my nightmare stems from my fear of losing my brother and not being able to do anything about it (which I’m hoping is a situation I’d never have to face!).

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