#100: Imperfections — in things, in people, in places — add character to life. Tell us about an imperfection that you cherish.

I cherish my imperfect OCD behaviour when it comes to planning and organisation. I’ve discovered that if I am given an event to organise (regardless of whether it be for work or family/friends), I live, eat, breathe and sleep everything about the event! I am always driven to make sure that everything that can be organised, is organised ahead of the event, so that nothing goes wrong upon set up or during the event. In my eyes, everything has to be perfect!

The reason I have classed it as an imperfection, is purely because others can sometimes find it irritating just HOW organised I am and how far I plan ahead! I’ve always said that I’d rather be organised and early for everything as opposed to flustered and running late.

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