365 Days of Writing Prompts rebellion: Race for Life 2014


As with all of my rebellions, today’s prompt simply didn’t interest me. So, instead, since I’ve now got less than 8 weeks to go, I thought I’d write about my participation in this years Cancer Research, Race for Life!

I’ve never before taken part in a fun run and I am extremely far from being a gym bunny, so this will definitely be a challenge. Last month however, I joined my local gym in the hope that it would motivate me to train ahead of the race… let’s just say the only thing I’ve done regularly is the Sunday morning Yoga practice. That said, over this Easter weekend I took a Zumba class, which as always, I loved as well as a class called Cardio Combat, where I’m pretty sure the instructor used to be in the army as it was super tough and I’m still aching… 48 hours later!

I’ll be running 5k on the 15th June with my mum, my cousin and my auntie, who two years ago had to have a double mastectomy. Her strength, positivity and courage throughout was simply incredible and I often think that if I have to go through something similar in the future, I’d be able to show even half the bravery she did. This is why I’d like to raise money and contribute to investing in the potential futures of my friends and family. I’m hoping to raise £100, anything more would be overwhelmingly appreciated. If you’d like to help me in my mission, please visit my Just Giving page here.

Thanks a bunch and Happy Easter!

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