Your time to shine

#118: Early bird, or night owl?

Back in my uni days, I was most definitely a night owl… whether it be all nighters in the library or the partying went on for far too long, but I guess this comes with the student lifestyle. If this prompt appeared before the Easter holidays, I would have said that I am now an early bird, thanks to having to get up at 6am everyday for work. However, since having four days off my routine has been completely thrown off course and now I can’t seem to fall asleep until at least 11:30pm at the earliest! This of course, makes getting up and staying awake in the mornings, an incredibly tricky task. Now with another bank holiday on the horizon, I fear that I will not be back to my normal sleeping pattern for a while. But I’m determined to succeed, as I love the feeling of getting up early, achieving tonnes and thinking it must be the afternoon, when it’s only 11am!

NB: annoyingly I’d finished my blog post and published it, only to find that it had only published the title… helpful!

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