Evasive action

#126: What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

Bit of an odd prompt… surely it wouldn’t remain a secret if I wrote about it here?! Not that there is one, but hypothetically speaking. 

Instead of leaving it there, I’m going to semi-hijack this post and share with my fellow bloggers how I spent my Sunday just gone, at the Streets of Spain along London’s Southbank! 


It was a four day festival which brought tonnes of yummy Spanish delights to London straight from La Boqueria market! As you can see they also brought their lovely sunny weather with them, too, which made the experience even more real. We looked at every single stall before making a decision on where we wanted to get lunch from, when a certain van caught our eye called The Lawn Ranger… it was covered in grass! These beauties were from a company called The Bowler – Gourmet Balls


It doesn’t look like anything spectacular but it really was! These are Albondigas (Spanish meatballs), that were crispy leek and queso (non-)meatballs on a bed of rice and salad, dressed with delicious aioli! I shared it with my mum but afterwards I kind of wished I’d had one to myself – it was incredibly tasty! It’s a shame though that they don’t have any fixed premises as I’d love to have a different meatball once a week 😀

We also had churros con chocolate (who wouldn’t?! When in Spain and all that!) but I had already started eating them before I got back to our seats so then completely forgot to take a picture of them. Damn enjoyment!

Hopefully Southbank will have another Streets of Spain festival next year… or sooner!


Pictures: all my own (as you can tell by the blurry albondigas!)

2 thoughts on “Evasive action

    1. It really was… I wish they could hold the festival every month though as there were too many things I wanted to try and I couldn’t justify eating it all in the one day!

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