Fictional elevator

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#143: You’re stuck in a lift with an intriguing stranger. Write this scene.

It feels like we’ve been stuck in here for at least an hour, but it has only been 10 minutes since we came to a juddering halt. Luckily, there was only one other person in the lift, otherwise it could have gotten very awkward! We pressed the emergency button once we’d realised weren’t going anywhere fast and were informed, frustratingly in a very laid-back ‘this-really-isn’t-that-big-of-a-deal’ kind of way, that the engineer is on his way and should be with us in the next 2 hours… 2 hours?!

Me: I guess we’re stuck here for a while then!

Stranger: We might as well make ourselves comfortable..

So, we put our bags down and took a seat on the cold marbled floor. What to say to a stranger I might possibly be stuck with for the next 120 minutes… what if we don’t get on?!

Me: Lovely weather we’re having…

He looked at me in utter confusion. Of all the things I could have said – we’re stuck in a lift for crying out loud! It’s not like we can even see outside. So I try something different.

Me: So, do you work here?

Stranger: I do – up on the 7th floor. How about you?

Me: Oh no, I’m here to meet someone… typical timing!

Stranger: I’m sure they’ll understand. I can always vouch for you!

Me: Thanks, I’d really appreciate that.

And that’s where our conversation began! He was a very interesting gentleman and was surprisingly friendly, compared to his stern looking exterior. Time flew past as we merrily chatted about where we grew up, comparing our hobbies and sharing our aspirations for the future. Before we knew it we’d been in there for over an hour! Once we’d realised the time, we were both a little on edge…

Stranger: Do you have any signal on your phone?

Me: Unfortunately not.

Stranger: Oh – I was supposed to be interviewing someone this afternoon in our board rooms up on the 8th floor. I really hope they fix this lift soon so that I can give her a call – I’d hate to think that she’s got the wrong impression!

Me: Wait… I was going to be interviewed this afternoon on the 8th floor. Are you Mr Cooper?

Stranger: Yes… *brain cogs working overtime*… Miss Ward! Lovely to meet you… or have met you should I say…?

I’d been interviewed without either of us even knowing it! Needless to say I was given the job. I impressed Mr Cooper (who I now know as Leonard), with my genuine, sponge-like (his words, as I’d demonstrated my love of learning) zest for life and he was impressed by my ambitions to further myself. It’s the interview I’ll never forget…


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