Weaving the threads

#149: Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other, but create a common thread between them by including the same item – an object, a symbol, a place – in each part. 

Let me know if you figured out the pieces of the puzzle before reaching the answer at the bottom…

1) It was spring once again. That time of year when cupboards are re-organised, wardrobes are sifted and lofts/attic’s are emptied. He couldn’t believed that seven bags and four boxes had been filled, waiting ready to leave the house. Most of it included old toys, push chairs and old, unused furniture. He’d always wondered why he’d kept on to these for so long – his kids hadn’t lived there for over 10 years! They didn’t want any of it back and the majority of it would almost certainly never be used again. A few months later, it dawned on him… something he wanted to keep hold of was in one of those boxes. 

2) Unpacking always lead to numerous reactions… sometimes elated, others disgusted and sometimes completely baffled. We kept reminding ourselves that we’ve got to be grateful for peoples generosity, as even though we see some items as utter junk, it was very much loved in a previous life. The motto which rang throughout the premises was that everything deserved another shot at being loved once more. Regardless of what we thought when we saw it, out it went on display like every other item.

3) It had been found. Finally, after all these years! She sat staring, frozen at the sight of this rediscovered treasure, tears gathering ready to fall. After taking it out of the, what had been, neatly wrapped box, she turned to her friend and asked where she’d found it. Her friend looked completely puzzled, only able to respond by asking if she didn’t like it and wanted it to be exchanged. She’d gotten the wrong end of the stick – this gift was the best she’d ever received!

I tried to write the above three in the wrong order, to make them a bit more unrelated but I ended up accidentally confusing myself! So, the above is in the order that it would have happened, if it were real. The item that relates these three stories is a precious, passed down through the generations ornament that belonged to a gentleman’s grandfather (part 1) and had been accidentally donated to a charity shop (part 2) during his spring clean, which was then bought as a present for another woman (part 3), who turned out to be the daughter of the gentleman in part 1, and the great part is that this friend had no idea of its history and subsequent importance.


Image: glogster.com


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