You’ve got the power

#163: You have the power to enact a single law. What would it be?

Hmm… this is tough as there are several laws I’d like to introduce:

– Spitting on the pavement, into bushes, just in general would be against the law. It’s a revolting habit and if you want to creep yourself out thinking about it, people step in it and then walk into their homes, thus spreading other peoples disgusting spit germs!

– Employers would have to provide their employees with a fruit allowance e.g. two pieces a day. A healthy workforce is a happy workforce in my book!

– The idea of work experience/internships that last longer than a week, would have to be paid minimum wage for the work they do. It’s so easy for young people to get trapped in these schemes as they don’t want to speak up for fear of being replaced.

 – Lastly, a silly but fairly reasonable one, it would be against the law to dislike Choccywoccydoodah!

 2013-12-12 14.01.53

2 thoughts on “You’ve got the power

    1. Don’t they just! I thought of a couple more when I was on my journey home the other day… one was picking your nose in plain sight! Bleurgh!!! Turns my stomach!

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