Moment of kindess

#171: Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else — loved one or complete stranger.

I always find this type of blog post difficult as thankfully, kind things happen in my life quite often. For example, if I see someone drop something, whether it be their oyster card or some spare change, I’ll pick it up and catch up to them so I can hand it back, as that’s what I’d hope others would do for me were I to drop something. On the other hand, I find that for example, when a spare seat becomes available on the train, guys often will offer me the seat (probably because I’m 5″2 and look like I’m still in my late teens/early twenties! haha). It’s just general kindness and consideration among humans really.

I guess the most recent act of kindness I’ve experienced, is the sponsorship money I’ve received for my Race for Life’s JustGiving page! 😀 I’ve only got £40 more until I hit my target, so I’m planning on selling my things on eBay/MusicMagpie and maybe doing a bake sale in our office building. Even though the race was only Sunday just gone, not only have I signed up for next years one but I’m also considering doing this years Hyde Park Race for Life at the end of next month. Hmmm… decisions, decisions!

Screen shot 2014-06-20 at 14.16.32


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