Dream home

#197: You win a competition to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

 To my horror, I’ve just found yesterday’s blog post still listed as a draft! Argh! This is the first time since the 1st January that I haven’t published a post a day 😦 But to stay focused, I’m not going to admit failure – instead I’m going to stick to the rule ‘three strikes and you’re out!’.

The house wouldn’t be a huge one, just a simple three bedroom semi-detached house would do. Initially I thought I’d love a thatched cottage out in the country, but I couldn’t handle all of the spiders. So my bedroom would be duck egg blue with white, vintage-style furnishings and a gorgeous full length mirror. One of the rooms would be a home office (which would indeed have a Mac in it and a super comfy swivel chair), another would be a gym/spare room should anyone wish to stay over for a visit. The bathroom would be based around a spa theme with a rainfall shower, heated towel rack and a beautiful vintage products cabinet.

The downstairs would comprise of a front room with cosy deep purple sofas and fluffy cushions. There would also be a dining area with a beautiful dark oak table, a small toilet under the stairs (having one has make me realise how handy two toilets are – especially when someone in the house is sick!) and there would a spacious kitchen with all the newest gadgets and technology. There would be light wooden floors throughout the house, with fluffy rugs in the centre and the walls would have canvas pictures on them – either family photo’s or something pop arty/hand painted, to create a focal point in the room.

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