The stat connection

#203: Go to your Stats page and check your top three-five posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

* Home page/archives – 440

* About me – 82

* The National Television Awards 2014! – 53

* My Liebster Award Nomination! – 28

* From Here To Eternity Review – 23

Even though I’ve listed them, I’m going to discount the Home page/archives and the About me page as they’re not technically posts.

The NTA’s 2014! – I think this one was popular because it was quite a big event in the world of British television. Combined with the fact that not many people get to stand at the end of a red carpet, photographing all of the celebs as they enter! It was an amazing experience (even though it was incredibly cold!) and I was extremely lucky to get this opportunity through work. I’d love to do it over and over again!

The Liebster Award Nomination! – I think this one is in the top three posts because it was an award given to bloggers by other bloggers… so naturally bloggers were interested 😀 Plus it also featured a Q&A style interview, a list of my nominations and the questions they had to answer. It was quite frankly a cool celebratory post to be honest!

From Here To Eternity Review – This was the first review I’d written on my blog, outside of the 365 Days of Writing Prompts Challenge. I really enjoyed writing it, probably because I enjoyed the show so much and think it read quite well in the end.

With regards to connections, each of these three posts include pictures – this could have grabbed bloggers’ attention a lot more as I know, from my own experience, that posts with pictures tend to catch my eye a lot quicker than purely text based posts. Also, I tweeted about them (in the early days it was simply the link to my homepage), so this potentially brought a few more people over. I know for a fact that my From Here To Eternity post wouldn’t have had as many views if Stuart Brayson, the composer of the musical, and Tony Gibbs, renowned songwriter, hadn’t retweeted the link to my review!

Maybe I should tweet about my posts more… see if it affects the stats!

This post was written as a result of being invited to visit as press whilst I was working at NG Kids Magazine. Images are my own.

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