Groundhog day

#244: In the comedy “Groundhog Day” Bill Murray experienced the same day again and again, stuck in a time loop until he got the day “right.” What day would you choose to repeat until you got it right? Do you think it’s ever possible to get life “right”?

I haven’t seen this film but it very much sounds like the original of Tom Cruise’s latest film, the Edge of Tomorrow (not that I’ve seen that either… but I’ve seen enough trailers to get the gist!). I don’t think I would chose to redo a day, as I’m a strong believer in everything happening for a reason. Plus I don’t think it is ever possible to get a day right… I mean, of course it would be nice to redo an interview I had with Egmont publications last year and for the outcome to be that I got the job, but obviously the cosmos has got other plans for me. So I just have to sit tight, enjoy the ride and see what happens!

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