#334: Do you have a tattoo? If so, what’s the story behind your ink? If you don’t have a tattoo, what might you consider getting emblazoned on you skin?

I’ve always been in two minds about tattoos – I’d like to get one as the right designs can look really nice but on the other hand, not only do I face the dilemma of where it would go but ultimately will I regret it later when I’m old and wrinkly?!

That said, I was close to getting one last year after my Great Nan passed away. She’d been the head of the family for my entire life and at the amazingly grand age of 104, she was still an incredibly tough cookie who refused to give up her independence. Putting it simply, she was an inspiration to all of us who has very much been missed each and every day. In remembrance and as my own way of honouring her, I was looking to get a small ivy based design since her name was Ivy. One of the reasons I didn’t go through with it however, was because I couldn’t decide where to place it – I wanted to be able to see it, so that took my back out of the equation; I didn’t want to get it somewhere that would be affected by growth/child birth, which then excluded my middle; and then I also felt I couldn’t have it on any part of my wrist/arms as it may look unprofessional… this all just gave me a headache!

5 thoughts on “Tattoo…you?

  1. I currently have 9 tattoos all connected to events in my life. The smallest is a flower in my ear, my reminder that life is short so always look for the amusing side of any situation. My largest and most recent is a poem and it’s what would have been on my grave stone had I not survived 2007 the year I bleed to death from a stupid accident then found out I had Cancer. The next is an Owl once I find the right design and body spot.

    1. Gosh – in your ear must have been painful? That’s what I love about tattoos, they can have such an incredibly strong meaning to them. Sorry to hear about all your troubles – 2007 must have been quite a dark year 😦 I hope you are doing much better now and all is well. Good choice for an owl – they’re so cute! xx

      1. The tattoo oddly didn’t hurt much but for a couple of days i had that muffled hearing like I’d been front row at a heavey metal concert. These days I’m doing fine but it took a few years to put my life back together.

  2. Get a foot tattoo if your worried about what it would look like in terms of weight gain or looking unprofessional, it would be easily hidden but at the same time it can easily be shown off, which is what you want with a tattoo. Plus it’s very unlikely it would rapidly change with age or weight. Speaking from experience it is however a very painful place, but nothing you can’t handle, you just have to grit your teeth and squeeze someone’s hand- hope this helped.

    1. Hi Sarah, that is a very good point! I’d never considered the foot as a tattoo-able area – as you mentioned, I can imagine it’s quite sensitive though because of how thin the skin is. I’d probably be a complete wuss and ask for the numbing cream they give some children ahead of injections/cannulas ha! Now I’ve got to decide on the design… and which foot! Thanks for your comment and Happy New Year!

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