Kangaroo Dundee: saving orphaned joeys

I caught the end of a BBC documentary yesterday called Natural World and from what I could gather, it was about a man in Australia working to help orphaned kangaroos. Brolga, otherwise known as Chris Barns, first established a kangaroo rescue centre for joeys in Alice Springs in 2005. He rescues and cares for orphaned baby kangaroos by becoming their mum and letting them live in safety on the sanctuary, which he opened in 2011, with other rescued marsupials.

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 19.33.55.png
Credit: Helen Orr

Kangaroos are the largest species of marsupial (mammals that carry their young in a pouch) in the world. There are four species of kangaroo, with the red kangaroo weighing in at a whopping 90kg and measuring two metres tall. They are instantly recognisable by their large feet and long muscular tails, which help them balance when hopping at speeds of 60kph.

Credit: Melanie de Coster

From the segment I saw (hopefully I’ll be able to catch the full programme on BBC iPlayer), Brolga is clearly very passionate about what he does and loves each and every one of the joeys he cares for. Many kangaroos are orphaned as a result of road accidents or their mothers being hunted for their meat and skin, which is why Brolga’s work is so important – without him the baby kangaroos would surely die.

To find out more about this amazing sanctuary and discover how you can help support the sanctuary and kangaroo hospital, click here.

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