World Environment Day: working today for a brighter tomorrow

On 5 June, thousands of people around the globe will celebrate World Environment Day – a United Nations day that seeks to encourage worldwide awareness and action towards the protection of our environment. But what does the environment mean to you and how can we all work together to save it?

Celebrated every year since 1974, World Environment Day has been used to engage and encourage governments, organisations, and individuals across the planet to address the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

Did you know, the world loses a football pitch worth of tropical rainforest every six seconds?

But all is not completely lost… if we work together!

Working to save the environment couldn’t be simpler. By making small changes to our lives, we will all be contributing to a bigger change – something that our world is in desperate need of before it’s too late.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – one of the easiest ways to lower the amount that you send to landfill as well as bring an end to the growing need for fast fashion.

Shop sustainable – learn to make smarter product choices to ensure that you are consuming and wearing things that are both good for you and the planet.

Walk and cycle more than you drive – using non-fuel based methods of transport reduces the amount of fossil fuel that is used as well as lowering the amount of chemicals that are released into the atmosphere as a result.

Volunteer – after all, it will only cost you your time. Helping out in your local community will benefit those around you and, in some cases, boost your mental health by giving you a sense of purpose.

Educate – this applies to yourself and those around you when it comes to understanding the importance and value of our planet’s dwindling natural resources.

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