Winged wonders to spot this September

As the morning’s take longer to lighten and the evenings draw to a close just as fast, it’s important to know what you’re looking for with the few daylight hours we have at this time of year.

Join me as we take a look at five winged animals you can spot in the UK this month:


Various species of Jay live in the wild across the UK. However, despite their bright colouring, they’re not always easy to spot. That’s because they hide away in woodlands, only appearing in the autumn to gather and store acorns, which will see them through the winter.

Speckled wood butterfly

There are a few species of butterfly that can still be seen this late in the year, such as the speckled wood (as seen here) and the migratory clouded yellow. They can often be witnessed in the warm, sunny glades or along sunshine drenched stretches within woodland areas.

Swifts & swallows

This is the perfect time to catch flocks of swifts and swallows gathering together before embarking on their long migration south for the winter. Expect to see them resting on telephone wires or in areas that feature reed beds.


There are some species of dragonfly, such as Migrant Hawkers (not pictured here), that emerge as adults during the summer and can still be seen zooming around as late as November. The breed in pools of standing water, making the UK one of the most ideal locations.


As winter draws ever closer, it’s time for the migratory birds to get packing. It’s common to see species such as whitethroats and blackcaps fuelling up on berries around this time of year ready for their migration to southern Europe and beyond.

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