Fifteen minutes

#340: You have 15 minutes to address the whole world live (on television or radio — choose your format). What would you say?

I’d of course choose TV as I have absolutely no experience in radio (although my TV experience currently exists in a handful of projects).

I’d introduce myself first briefly, explaining what I do and what I love getting up to in my spare time (just to prove I have a human side and am not just my career). But I would admittedly, then use the remaining ten minutes to express how much I want to turn my new found passion of video editing, presenting and producing skills into a full time career. Hopefully, I would be able to impress potential employers and senior video editors/producers with my enthusiasm, my strong desire to improve my skills and ultimately progress within such a competitive industry.

Non sequitur

#266: Write a post about anything you’d like, but be sure to include this sentence somewhere in the final paragraph: “He tried to hit me with a forklift!”

Anything I like… I guess I could write about my endeavour to give my CV a complete overhaul, which begun last week. I decided that the reason I’ve not been getting many interview offers following my application submissions, is due to the fact that my CV looks pretty boring at first glance. So I thought “Chloe, it’s time for a makeover – time to really shake it up!”. What’s the first thing I do… Google for CV examples. The only slight flaw in this plan, was the fact that there is sooo much advice out there, inevitably clouding my overall objective. That said, the raw copy is typed up and ready, as this forms the general body of the document and I have had a little play around with the various style options available within a pages document. Let’s just say I’m getting there.

Once I’m happy with my new CV, I’ve got a few really good friends who said that they’d be happy to read through it and give me their thoughts – I’m always looking for feedback and ways in which I can improve, so being given constructive criticism always sits well with me. Whilst this is in progress, I can crack on with perfecting the basis to my cover letter – as without realising it, they’ve become a full A4 page long and nobody wants to be faced with that when having to sift through potentially hundreds of applications! I guess I’m just sick of getting the same old emails that start with “Thank you for your interest for our xxx vacancy at xxx. Unfortunately, we will not be taking your application any further… blah blah blah”. Every time I open one of these emails, it feels like he/she has tried to hit me with a forklift! But I’m determined for that to change and soon. So, watch this space…

A plot of earth

#51: You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

Well, it of course all depends on where this plot of land is and how big it is! That said, I’d love to build an animal sanctuary/rehabilitation centre for endangered animals (inspired by the incredible primate sanctuary that is Monkey World). A pretty obvious answer when it comes from someone who works for a National Geographic product, right! But truthfully, something needs to be done about our endangered animals that continue to be poached and evicted from their natural habitats. It’s a shame but I think people don’t realise how serious the situation is – once they’re gone, that’s it!

There’s tonnes of ways you can help save the endangered animals:

EDGE: Evolutionary Distinct & Globally Endangered!

Care 2 petition: signing your names on these is easy and free to do!

Born Free: adopt an animal today for just £2.50 a month (that’s one less coffee a week – easy!)


#50: Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

The most recent ones were during The Outdoor Show, although I’m not too sure if they count as a nightmare as they were more weird dreams than anything. So, Nick (Spellman, AnimalMan) knows that I don’t like the tarantulas… but do you remember as a kid cupping your hands together and pretending you had a creepy crawly housed between them? Come on… everyone’s done it! Well, this is sort of what Nick did in my dream, except he DID have the tarantula and I then whacked it out of his hands in fright, sending it flying! My dream then cut to him getting a baby alligator out of a carry case… which he clearly doesn’t have! The next night, the dream was about his burmese python locking it’s jaws around my thigh and refusing to let go – which when I screamed at Nick to get it off, he casually replied ‘sorry, there’s nothing much I can do now that it’s got you!’. I think these dreams were just me worrying about how Nick’s shows would go at the show since I had organised and managed the entire thing.

I guess if we’re talking about scary nightmares, the one that sticks out it my mind (which of course, is keeping with my theme of being completely unrealistic) was when my brother and I were on our way home in the light of day. We turned the corner to see a fully grown male lion at the other end of the road. Before we’d started running, it had spotted us and began leaping in our direction. The most stressful part was the fact that in this dream, my brother couldn’t keep up with me and the lion was gradually closing in. We scrambled up a tree but it was too late. The lion had already grabbed my brother and that is when I woke up in fright. On reflection, I know where the lion came from. I’d been managing and editing Big Cats Alive (the fourth topic from NG Kids Alive), so had been watching tonnes of footage showing lions hunting and killing their prey. When I told my brother about this dream, he casually said ‘don’t worry about me. I wouldn’t need to outrun the lion, I’d just need to outrun you!’. Thanks very much. Stripping it right back to basics though, I think my nightmare stems from my fear of losing my brother and not being able to do anything about it (which I’m hoping is a situation I’d never have to face!).