#306: You’re in the middle of a terrible argument, and everyone turns to you to help resolve it. How do you respond? How do you react to conflict?

I’m not too sure how I’d respond in all honesty, as I hardly ever get into arguments. I hand on heart, cannot remember the last time I argued with someone! But in the spirit of the post, I’d like to think I’d be a pretty good mediator – I’d firstly calm both parties and basically treat the situation as if we were in court. I’d get the first side to air their opinions for the situation, followed by the group/individual opposed to the situation, as this way they’d both be able to express and explain any questions or confusion. Hopefully, this would be enough to settle the argument… otherwise I guess I’d be forced to bring in a jury! Ha!


#64: Write about the last disagreement you had with a friend or family member — from their perspective.

Hmmm… I’m not an argumentative person so it’s quite tough trying to find a time in my memory bank where I’ve had a disagreement with someone. Does a disagreement over what to have for tea count?