Placebo effect

#307: If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?

My first thought (and will probably always be my first thought when asked to cure something) was Cancer, as it affects so many people. However, since the post asks to cure a single ‘ailment’, thus referring to minor illness, I’d go with curing all pain associated with the female reproductive system… aka periods. Half the population gets them at one time or another, granted some worse than others, but if the pain could be cured across the board it would be an absolute miracle… not having to suffer for a week or two every month! Hallelujah indeed! I mean, surely child bearing is enough pain to last a lifetime?!

No fair

#263: Tell us about something you think is terribly unfair β€” and explain how you would rectify it.

My initial thoughts were internships, but I’ve expressed my views on those many a time now, so I’ll think of something else instead. Hmmm… bad people having good things happen to them and good people having bad things happen. For example, Stephen Sutton was an incredible teenager, whose page has now raised almost Β£4.5 million with people continuing to donate, four months after the evil that is cancer took him from this earth far too soon. Of course, I’m not saying that bad people should get cancer because it’s an awful thing to suffer with regardless, but it just always seems to happen to the good people in this world and it’s not fair. So I guess my answer has ever so slightly morphed into cancer… cancer is not fair.

Eeek! Tomorrow is the big day!

So in the UK, I only have 20 minutes until it’s tomorrow and I realise I’ve been so busy preparing for tomorrow’s race, that I’ve completely forgotten to write todays post! Major eeek! I read the prompt but couldn’t think of a suitable answer, so I thought I’d instead write a brief post about tomorrow.

Tomorrow, also Father’s Day here in the UK, will be my first ever charity run. I’m competing in Cancer Research’s 5K Race for Life, with my mum, cousin and brave Auntie, who beat cancers tookus a couple of years back. My target was to raise Β£100 but unfortunately I am Β£40 short 😦 I’m thinking of selling some of my stuff on eBay when I get home tomorrow and giving the money to my page so that I can reach my target. If anyone fancies donating, my page is All donations, no matter how big or small, are greatly appreciated.Β 

For a long time, and before the incredibly inspirational Stephen Sutton, I’ve seen donating to Cancer Research as an investment into the lives and futures of all my friends and family. So many people get this truly cr*ppy disease and it needs to stop. So, cancer… I’m coming to get you!!!