25/31 Why we gotta have favourites?

25. Your five favourite blogs

Since I’ve only recently come back to WordPress, I haven’t had a chance to fully explore all of the new content new bloggers have to offer. So, to make it fair, I’ll simply list the last five blogs I’ve followed…

1) Tifness

I’ve only just taken a look at Latifa’s blog in the last couple of days and I’m not disappointed. I love to travel and I love food, so this is the perfect combination! My flatmate cannot eat wheat so we are often making gluten-free recipes when we have meals together. For example, this Sunday we made deep-fried, stuffed courgette flowers; gluten free pea and asparagus ravioli with parmesan; and sticky toffee pudding with Madagascan vanilla custard… the custard is the only part of the feast we hadn’t made from scratch. So it’s safe to say, we are serious about our food! I’m looking forward to making some of Latifa’s recipes in future 🙂

2) Wilson Reviews

Jake is someone I work with at The Week Junior and it was only last week, at our 25th issue anniversary/we won Launch of the Year at the British Media Awards drinks, that I found out he was also on WordPress. He writes about the latest and greatest movies out there, as well as recommending titles that people may not already be familiar with. Just be sure not to read too many in one go, as it’ll leave you struggling to decide which film to watch first!

3) Cooking with a Wallflower

Andrea has so many amazing recipes… all of which I would like to make. Well, I should be more specific – eat! Every time the pictures manage to make my mouth water. I don’t even have to know what it is, I just want to take a bite.

4) We Love Food

I see a trend here… I clearly love food, too! What I like about Saff and Ade is that they not only write about what they eat, they also describe the atmosphere and overall experience all the while injecting humour into each post. I may or may not be using their reviews as more of a to do list since they’re mostly London based.

5) Second blog to the right

And if you don’t get this reference… what planet do you live on?! One of my other great loves is theatre. I found this blog because of their Cirque du Soleil reviews and it was only when I took a look at what they had previously reviewed, that I discovered they also love Disney and had seen the Toddlerz Ball. I can’t wait to see what’s next!



Cirque Du Soleil: Quidam


Last Sunday (5th January), I visited the Royal Albert Hall with my family to see and experience Cirque Du Soleil’s Quidam. My parents had already seen it back when it originally started, but my brother and I were too young at the time. It was Cirque Du Soleil’s ninth production and coincidentally, it was the ninth Cirque show I’d ever seen! Quidam, the latin word for ‘a nameless passerby’, tells the story of a young girl, who after being ignored by her parents, feels very alone. All of a sudden, she finds herself in an exciting yet extremely quirky world of imagination, meeting numerous characters along her journey who help to set her free from her loneliness. As with all Cirque Du Soleil performances, the music and vocals are always so powerful and work beautifully together with each mesmerising act. Quidam is packed with incredible, heart-stopping athletes, performing absolutely mind-boggling routines – I always leave the show wishing I could achieve a tiny smidgen of what I’d just witnessed. As always, thanks to the wonderful minds that create Cirque Du Soleil, the human body never ceases to amaze me!

Quidam will remain at the Royal Albert Hall, London, until 16th February 2014 – be sure not to miss out!

Image: Royal Albert Hall