Ready, set, go

#24: Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.

So the timer has been set and away I go! As I type today’s post, I’m eating my lunch – I’ve found that I can’t actually help but multitask nowadays, it just seems to come so naturally.

10 whole minutes … I had a bit of a reality check this lunch time. I only had £3 for my lunch today (which is more than I usually spend as I normally bring lunch from home), which is a tough budget to stretch when you’re in London, that’s for sure! I visited four lunch places before I went to Sainsbury’s (a supermarket) and found that they did meal deals for £3 … result! So I happily bought my lunch and set off on my journey back to the office. On my way, I spotted a homeless man taking shelter and trying to get some sleep by the entrance of the local tube station. I felt terrible as usually I would have gone back and bought him a sandwich, but since I’d just spent all the money I had getting lunch, I couldn’t do that today. I did consider giving him the food but I made the, albeit selfish, decision to keep it for myself as I knew that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on my work if I didn’t eat. After I have published this post, I will be going online to find an organisation that could help him, as I remember seeing on Facebook sometime last year that if you tell this organisation where you’ve spotted someone living on the streets, they’ll be able to locate them and help them out (give them food, drinks, warm clothes etc). I’ll also update this post with a link (and a link only … no extra text), to this organisation so that others can do the same.

Since I spent a minute or so thinking about what to write, the initial plan was to check out the biggest trending topic and write something related to it. However, I think that what I’ve written was a much better choice!

UPDATE: After thoroughly searching the internet, I’ve finally found the organisation that helps individuals living on the streets of London, called No Second Night Out. You provide them with the details of where you spotted the rough sleeper and they will go out to find them. They’ll also update you on the situation after the intervention, which I think is a lovely touch.


#23: Read the story of Richard Parker and Tom Dudley. Is what Dudley did defensible? What would you have done?

Answering this writing prompt straight after eating lunch was probably not the best idea but so they say, everything happens for a reason … even if it did turn my stomach twice over!

What Dudley did was in no way defensible and I wouldn’t even think of taking someone’s life simply to extend mine (as there was no way of knowing that by doing this, it would ‘save’ their lives indefinitely). Parker had only lived for 17 years, whereas the other three had already had a life, plus Parker most likely had the best chance of survival/recovery due to his young age. To think that this is actually something that really happened is simply revolting. I didn’t want to read on but I hope they all went to prison for killing an innocent human being!