World Brain Day: exploring the brains of the Animal Kingdom

It’s said that we humans have the largest brain in relation to the size of our bodies but what about the brains of the species found within the Animal Kingdom? There are so many incredible brain facts out there… it’s difficult to choose the best ones. Did you know any of these awesome animal facts?

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Drawing the line

#225: Can anything be funny, or are some things simply off limits?

I’d like to say that in the right situations, everything has the potential to be funny… but unfortunately, I came across an incredibly spiteful thread of comments today (not from someone I actually know), but I believe this individual intended for it to be funny – it was the complete opposite. I won’t repeat what they said as it’s just so upsetting and cruel, but it was mocking people with cancer – I don’t think humour can ever be found when it is based around someone’s suffering, whether that individual has been affected by it or not.

To me, this type of “humour” is completely off limits!