2/31 Wait… you didn’t know?!

2. 20 facts about you

I have a feeling that this is going to be a tricky prompt… ten I could have managed but 20 facts just about me?! Well, here goes:

My Queen… Amen!
  1. I’m addicted to RuPaul’s Drag Race and love pretty much all of the queens that have walked through the ‘You Better Werk’ room doors.
  2. My favourite colour is duck egg blue.
  3. I own more pairs of socks than I care to admit.
  4. I’m a bit of a Netflix addict – entire mornings can disappear if I’m not careful.
  5. I love singing and dancing.
  6. When I’m at home, I’m often found in pyjama’s… I mean what’s the point in wearing your outdoor clothes, indoors?!
  7. I began and completed WordPress’ 365 Days of Writing Prompts challenge in 2014.
  8. People find it odd that I don’t drink tea or coffee…
  9. If money was no object, I’d go to see a West End theatre show every single week.
  10. I have a very close family, which means the world to me, and am even related to Howard Carter, the guy who discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb.
  11. My Great Nan reached 104 and a half years young… the half is very important at that age.
  12. I’m obsessed with Mi backpacks. So far, I’ve got a peacock feather one, a gumball one, a galaxy print one, a duck egg blue polka dot backpack and one with elephants all over it.
  13. I’m commonly found wearing Converse hi-tops… wearing heels is for special occasions.
  14. For RuPaul’s BOTS, I temporarily dyed my hair blue. I loved it so much that I’m planning to dye it permanently blue – hopefully two tone, using cobalt and duck egg blue (of course!)
  15. Through my last job, I was sent on press trips to Iceland (Ice Age 4: Continental Drift), Norway (How To Train Your Dragon 2) and Slovenia (Postojna Cave), interviewed a robotic cockatoo (Nigel from Rio 2, with actor Jemaine Clement in another room) and even photographed the stars of TV on the red carpet at the National Television Awards.
  16. I have a BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management.
  17. I love afternoon tea… especially quirky ones such a Spanish or Thai themed.
  18. Working in children’s media means that I get to see many of the new films before they hit the cinemas and I’m a big kid who loves everything Disney, so I end up enjoying every single screening… sometimes even more than the kids that are actually there.
  19. I love unicorns, rainbows and mermaids. I even wanted to be a mermaid growing up… still do!
  20. Primates are my favourite animals (well, and dolphins and marine life of course), but I’ve been lucky enough to meet the famous Primatologist, Dr Jane Goodall three times and even helped her present awards.
At the most recent Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots Awards with my flatmate, Féaron, where we got to meet Dr Jane’s beloved Mr. H, which travels around the world with her.

Keeping up with the Jones’

#332: Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much detail as you can. Paint a picture for us.

I wish I could afford my own place – a house would be ideal but at the moment I’d settle for a newly refurbished flat looking over the glorious London skyline. Not that I’ve looked at properties near Buckingham Palace but around that way would be perfect, as whenever I’ve been there it’s been gloriously sunny and felt really fresh (well, aside from the day after Prince George was born… it was raining but I was determined to get a peek at the golden royal announcement!). It would have a master bedroom (double of course… it did say luxury!) with its own ensuite; it would be nice to have a guest bedroom, a separate bathroom and toilet (which I’ve always found handy over the years – infection separation and all that!); of course it wouldn’t be complete without a kitchen and a living room! The rest I wouldn’t really mind – they’d be happy extras!

Decor wise, I’d prefer a more minimalist vibe; white walls, wooden floors with cosy rugs, duck egg blue accessories here and there, hidden storage space and the odd canvas family photo hanging up in every room (or if good enough – a favourite holiday snap!). I’d have a giant desk lamp in my living room… and, believe it or not, such a thing does exist! I saw it at a Christmas in July PR event and I wanted it instantly – think life-sized Pixar opening credit desk lamp!

Oh and I’d really like a top notch smoothie maker… whilst I’m at it 😀

Dream home

#197: You win a competition to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

 To my horror, I’ve just found yesterday’s blog post still listed as a draft! Argh! This is the first time since the 1st January that I haven’t published a post a day 😦 But to stay focused, I’m not going to admit failure – instead I’m going to stick to the rule ‘three strikes and you’re out!’.

The house wouldn’t be a huge one, just a simple three bedroom semi-detached house would do. Initially I thought I’d love a thatched cottage out in the country, but I couldn’t handle all of the spiders. So my bedroom would be duck egg blue with white, vintage-style furnishings and a gorgeous full length mirror. One of the rooms would be a home office (which would indeed have a Mac in it and a super comfy swivel chair), another would be a gym/spare room should anyone wish to stay over for a visit. The bathroom would be based around a spa theme with a rainfall shower, heated towel rack and a beautiful vintage products cabinet.

The downstairs would comprise of a front room with cosy deep purple sofas and fluffy cushions. There would also be a dining area with a beautiful dark oak table, a small toilet under the stairs (having one has make me realise how handy two toilets are – especially when someone in the house is sick!) and there would a spacious kitchen with all the newest gadgets and technology. There would be light wooden floors throughout the house, with fluffy rugs in the centre and the walls would have canvas pictures on them – either family photo’s or something pop arty/hand painted, to create a focal point in the room.

Writing room

#34: A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?


The first thing that came to mind, was a room full of cosy beanbags and cushions! Thinking about it a little more, it’s maybe not the most practical of writing environments. Although, since it’s going to be my perfect space, one side of the room could be for my reading time, covered in cosy (yet posture appropriate) bean bags, soft blankets and of course some sort of book holder device so that I could read for hours without my arms aching! On the other side of the room would be a spacious, white vintage desk, with enough storage space to house everything I could possibly need as well as a secret compartment that hid my mac (I don’t have one, but hopefully the genie would be kind enough to provide one!) out of sight. It would also have a vase full of my favourite flowers, multi-coloured gerberas and forget me nots, sitting on the right side of the desk and I would be looking out of a large window, either at a countryside scene or a hustle & bustle city (I haven’t quite decided which I’d prefer). I’d be seated in a sturdy, soft leather armchair, which I could sink into (something similar to the ones seen in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – tall, enclosing, generally cosy), allowing my mind to work in comfort. The walls would be painted in duck egg blue and to compliment this, I would have white lace accents added to various pieces of furniture, i.e. lamp shades, curtains/blinds etc. I would also soundproof the walls, so that any drummer/guitar/heavy metal addicted neighbours can play until their hearts content, whilst I can concentrate on my true passions – reading and writing!

I hope I actually meet a genie someday … I now want this room!