Second time around

#116: Tell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored — what is it that speaks to you?

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. The adventure and journey Liz goes on in this story, is just incredible and something I’d love to do myself. The only down side to this plan is that I’m not quite brave enough to go it alone just yet 😦 However, after reading the book (and then watching the film version), I realised that everyone should go on a *cliche alert* soul seeking journey to find out more about themselves and what they want from life.

Call Me Ishmael

#5: Take the first sentence from your favorite book and make it the first sentence of your post.

“When you’re travelling in India – especially through holy sites and Ashrams – you see a lot of people wearing beads around their necks” … Or so I’ve heard! I have yet to visit India but after reading this book and seeing the film which followed soon after, starring Julia Roberts, it has firmly found its place on my ‘To Visit’ list. The pure spirituality, caring values and relaxed nature of the country is so enticing! After a bit of research (as I haven’t read the book or seen the film in quite a while – although today’s writing prompt has definitely made it something to revisit asap), I have found out that the beads are Hindu Mala, each containing 108 beads to represent just how many impurities have to be overcome in order to reach Nirvana. I can only imagine that being surrounded and engulfed in a community, which openly share the same interests and beliefs, is extremely comforting and gives the sense of being part of an enourmous, loving family.

First line taken from Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.