#32: Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post.

Flangiprop: to stumble or fall over whilst holding something fragile, yet not having dropped and/or broken said fragile item.

I have never been able to flangiprop and it is something I hope to master, subsequently adding it my long list of specific skills. I think the way forward with this is to work on my core strength and balance ability, in the hope that I’ll trip less. Failing this, I will then look at taking lessons on how not to drop/throw items in moments of surprise or shock … should such classes exist! Even though failing flangiprop’s is not something I do often, it would still be a really handy skill to have when such occasion arises. Maybe, to practise, I should place several glasses on a tea tray (of course not fastened in any way, shape or form … cheats never succeed!) and pop a pair of skates on … surely that should improve my flangipropability and I’d soon be on the road to becoming a flangiprop queen!

P.s. I can’t wait to read other peoples definitions of this!