Freaky Friday

#227: You experience your own Freaky Friday, and switch bodies with someone you love/hate. Tell us what happens.

This is pretty tricky since I haven’t seen the film, so have no idea what they get up to. I guess I’d have a good ol’ nosey around their room/house and just generally get on with what that person usually does – I’m not a havoc seeker, so wouldn’t come up with any plans to sabotage this persons life even if I did dislike them.

Freaky Friday

#109: If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why? If that seems too easy, try this one: who would you like to have spend a day as you and what do you hope they’d learn from the experience?

I’m going to answer both – just for kicks! So, if I could be anyone for a day, I’d be Jane Goodall… without a shadow of a doubt. Just to have a day interacting with the wild chimpanzees, being able to stare right into their eyes, would truly make my life worthwhile.

This one is a little trickier as expected. However, the first person that came to mind was the CEO/boss of the company I work for. This way he’d be able to see just how much hard work I put into every day and I hope he’d learn that I’m a valuable part of the team.