Moment of kindess

#171: Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else — loved one or complete stranger.

I always find this type of blog post difficult as thankfully, kind things happen in my life quite often. For example, if I see someone drop something, whether it be their oyster card or some spare change, I’ll pick it up and catch up to them so I can hand it back, as that’s what I’d hope others would do for me were I to drop something. On the other hand, I find that for example, when a spare seat becomes available on the train, guys often will offer me the seat (probably because I’m 5″2 and look like I’m still in my late teens/early twenties! haha). It’s just general kindness and consideration among humans really.

I guess the most recent act of kindness I’ve experienced, is the sponsorship money I’ve received for my Race for Life’s JustGiving page! 😀 I’ve only got £40 more until I hit my target, so I’m planning on selling my things on eBay/MusicMagpie and maybe doing a bake sale in our office building. Even though the race was only Sunday just gone, not only have I signed up for next years one but I’m also considering doing this years Hyde Park Race for Life at the end of next month. Hmmm… decisions, decisions!

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Helping hand

#138: Tell us about the most surprising helping hand you’ve ever received.

I’ve been trying to recall a situation that could answer this prompt properly but there isn’t really one that springs to mind. I’ve never been in any trouble or disastrous situation that would require a strangers help and kindness. Don’t get me wrong, most days I find that strangers show some sort of kindness, whether it be holding a door open for me, letting me get on the tube first if I’d press the button or even offering me their seat! I didn’t think there were appropriate for this post as I don’t find them ‘incredibly surprising’ as I do the same for other people… it’s just the normal way to behave around others in fairness. Well, that’s my opinion!

Fill in the blank

#132: Three people walk into a bar . . .

I was going to fill in the blank with the typically expected ‘ouch’ ending, but thought since three people did it at the same time, they’d have to be incredibly stupid or just insanely unlucky! Instead, I’m going to say that these three people walked into a bar, after having won £5,000,000 in a lottery syndicate, and they secretly paid for everyones dinner/drinks for the rest of the evening. They didn’t admit ownership or seek any thanks, they just wanted to do something nice for others, even if it was only a meal!