Bittersweet memories

#140: You receive a gift that is bittersweet and makes you nostalgic. What is it?


At first, this prompt had me stumped… I was trying to think of something a relative had given me when I was younger, but had since sadly passed. But, in all honesty, I found this quite difficult to immerse myself in at this moment in time. So, instead, two things instantly sprung to mind. When I was little, for a few Christmas’ in a row, I’d asked for a Mr Frosty and a Super Sticker Factory. Every girl I knew from school had one and they seemed like the coolest things to have! Who wouldn’t want to cover their school books in obscenely girly stickers, whilst slurping on a Mr Frosty cup of flavoured ice?! Alas, I never found either of them wrapped under the Christmas tree. So to receive them now, it truly is a blast to the past! I can now make my own stickers AND slushies… just 17 or so years too late!


Images: Mr. Frosty – Super Sticker Factory –

* Unfortunately, I didn’t actually receive these… I just thought I’d play along!

Take two

#12: Run outside. Take a picture of the first thing you see. Run inside. Take a picture of the second thing you see. Write about the connection between these two random objects, people, or scenes.


I love the idea of today’s writing prompt although technically I didn’t go outside to take my picture as it is way too cold, so instead, whilst remaining in the warm, I pulled back the curtain and the first thing I saw was the ivy that is growing up the side of our garage. When I turned around, the second thing my eyes were drawn to was my brand new backpack hanging on the door. The relationship between the two is that my Great Nan, who sadly passed away last year, is called Ivy and shortly after she passed, we were just leaving the house to choose her some flowers and a butterfly flew past us, settling on our front door. It was the beginning of winter so butterflies shouldn’t have been around at that time, yet there it was. The same day, a butterfly had visited my grandparents landing on the front of their house too, and they live closer to London, so hardly ever see butterflies regardless of the season. We saw these two events as a sign that it was my Great Nan saying goodbye and telling us that she’s happy (she was 104 and a half, so was quite bored towards the end). Ever since then, I have accumulated a few items adorned with a beautiful butterfly print and this cool backpack is my latest addition!



#9: You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

I don’t think I actually have one fear that is greater than another, so with that in mind, the three things I would be faced with include a giant spider (you know those really fast runner species i.e. not a tarantula – even though they are scary!), the thought of losing my family and failure. These three things terrify me the most in life, but I would think I share these with the majority of the population. I mean, who honestly likes spiders?! In all seriousness though, I’ve mentioned previously how much my family mean to me and I know that I would be completely lost without them. They’ve made me the person I am today. Plus, no one likes to fail at anything – even though some people may choose to act cool if something hadn’t gone to plan, inside they are utterly devastated and thus have the strong determination to succeed next time. It’s simply human nature!