18/31 Why does everything have to mean something?!

18. The meaning behind your blog name

It’s a pretty uninventive blog name… chloemayward is just my full name.

When I created this blog back in 2013, I didn’t know exactly what I’d be writing about. To paraphrase Naomi Smalls, I didn’t want to pigeon hole myself and put myself in just the one box. I have so many ideas, interests and passions. I wanted to use my blog as a journey, a way to find out exactly what I wanted to write about. Although, three years later, I’m still unsure of which direction I’d like my blog to go in. I have a couple of ideas that I’m hoping to kick start after I’ve finished my Blog a Day in May challenge, which I’m hoping will lead to big things next year…


Everything changes

I don’t know if others find the same thing where they live, but people seem to be a lot happier when the sun’s out… especially in London! Maybe because we don’t get to see it very often and we’ve just had winter (and very little snow), but wandering around a sunny capital during your lunch break is a glorious experience…

Designed by myself
Designed by myself

One of my favourite songs

Over the last couple of months, I have become completely addicted with watching Rupaul’s Drag Race on Netflix (they have all six seasons available!). Through these shows I discovered RuPaul’s music and have more or less listened to them every week religiously. So, since I zipped through the seasons so quickly and unfortunately Netflix haven’t made Drag Race All Stars or Untucked (the extra bits from Drag Race) available to watch, I’ve decided to deal with my withdrawal symptoms by creating these cool little quote images of my favourite lyrics and sayings that have come from the legendary Queen of Queens!

This one is from a song called The Beginning – I really relate to these lyrics at the moment as I am planning to move into London for the first time, which I’m exceedingly excited about. Of course, there are those moments of sheer panic thinking about how it’s all going to turn out, but then I just listen to this song! It’s upbeat and full of motivational lyrics that make you feel better about what may lie ahead…

Designed by myself
Designed by myself


#323: Think about something that drives you crazy. Now, think about something that makes you happy. Does it change your perspective on the former?

Perspective is such an interesting thing. It’s something that people tend to lose quite often… I mean, it can’t just be me though, right?! I find that it’s so easily lost, especially when you see things as going wrong, one after the other. That said, there always seems to be a much needed reality check moment, that allows you to put everything back into perspective. Now, whether these moments appear at those times by pure coincidence or whether it’s down to the fact that you’re more susceptible (or vulnerable) to such thought provoking imagery, sayings or stories, having taken an affect on how you feel, I guess it’s something we’ll never know!

What I do know, is that I have gone on a slight tangent with this prompt, but it’s still related to the title.

Blank is the new blank

#294: Click over to your favorite blog, and pick out the 4th and 14th words (that aren’t “the” or “an”). Drop them into this phrase: “_____ is the new _____.” There’s your post title. Now write!

Lucky is the new carpet

Taken from: The National Television Awards 2014

Since I couldn’t decide on my favourite post (with almost 300 to choose from, it’s a pretty big ask of any blogger this far into the challenge), I decided to see what the blogging communities favourite was… and ta-dah! I also changed it a little, in choosing the 5th word instead of the 4th – I think some how “was is the new carpet” just didn’t make any sense… although I agree that “lucky is the new carpet” is equally as strange.

This could mean however, since being lucky is the new carpet, that people take it for granted by simply walking all over it, showing no appreciation. Carpet provides you with warmth and comfort regardless of the situation, which could also translate as a feeling when experiencing luck.

It would be great to hear more thoughts on my new saying…

Name that… you!

#245: Do you know the meaning of your name and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you?

Chloe… In Greek, this means ‘young green shoot’. It is also another name for Demeter, the goddess of harvest and fertility – which is where the green shoot ahem stems from.

May… Deriving from Roman mythology, Maia was the goddess of spring growth. Yet another reference to growth… so how is it that I’m only 5″2?!

Ward… In old English, it is the occupational name for a watchman or a guard.

So, I’m basically a guard of growing flowers! Could be worse. I’m not sure why my parents chose my name but I like it.

Say your name


#147: Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

My first name is Chloe and it wasn’t given to me because of its meaning or after anyone (although my middle name, May, is named after my amazing relative who is in her mid-90’s, still living in her own home and is another tough cookie!). After a bit of quick searching, I’ve found it to be from the Old Greek meaning ‘young green shoot’. I’m far from green-fingered but I’m taking it to mean that I will always be growing, reaching for the stars, since I am always looking to learn more! Makes sense really… combined with the fact that people always think that I look 5-8 years younger than I actually am, so there’s the young part covered!

If I had the choice (which everyone kind of has with the deed poll option), I wouldn’t change my name. When I was younger, I’m not sure why, but I did want to change my name. However, I’ve grown to love it during these last few years, as it makes me who I am!

Image: samuraibaby.com 


#77: “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland. What are the six impossible things you believe in? (If you can only manage one or two, that’s also okay.)

If I understand this prompt correctly, my impossible things that I believe in are:

1) The passengers and crew from the Malaysian flight MH 370, are actually safe but stranded on an unknown island somewhere and will soon be found and rescued.

2) 3,000 or so years ago, Ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids, yet to this present day with our smart phone technology and incredible advances in the use of robotics in the medical industry, we still have no idea how they did it! But I believe we will uncover their methods within my lifetime.

3) I believe in Karma and that good things do happen to good people.

4) I believe that there is some sort of afterlife, where you are reunited with relatives that had already passed away before yourself.

5) I believe that people that have passed away have the ability to send the people still here signs. For example, shortly after my Great Nan passed away in autumn last year, both my house and my Nan & Grandad’s house were visited by a red admiral butterfly, on the same day. I saw this as a sign since 1) it was autumn so butterflies in general shouldn’t have been around, 2) my house is more countryside yet my N&G’s is in London, so they never see any anyway, and 3) it was the same day we were heading out to get everything needed for her funeral. Coincidence… I think not!

6) tbc

All about you

#43: Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

The name of my blog, chloemayward, is self explanatory. Actually, so is my tagline – it’s all hodgepodge! (and the fact that hodgepodge is such a cool word!). Although since I began the 365 Days of Writing Prompts challenge from WordPress, it has made me realise that a hodgepodge blog is so much fun! I knew that I wanted to start a blog but I had no idea where to start or what topic to focus on, so this challenge has been absolutely ideal – and quite frankly it’s been a real confidence boost to see that other bloggers are reading and liking what I’ve written 😀

The reason behind my chosen theme, Forever, is that I not only love the sophisticated, simple layout but I want blogging to become a regular part of my life, for the rest of my life. I’m not one of those individuals that go through phases or start things on a whim – I’ve made the decision to publish my writing on a daily basis, classing it as a necessity!