28/31 Marching two by two

28. What are you looking forward to?

This week I was asked by one of my bestest friends if I wanted to march for Macmillan in this years London Pride Parade on the 25th June… my answer was of course YES!


I’ve not been to any Pride celebrations before so this is going to be a huge experience for me. I’m looking forward to being among all the jubilation, the party atmosphere and surrounded by the most accepting people in all of London. They’re all my family! and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

I’m hoping that even though the parade doesn’t finish until 4pm, I’ll still get to see some of the Pride in Trafalgar gig… although they still haven’t announced who’s going to be performing which is super exciting!

So to anyone who may be heading to London to enjoy the day… HAPPY PRIDE!


Are you being served?

#262: What’s the most dreadful (or wonderful) experience you’ve ever had as a customer?

I can’t say that anything sticks out in my mind as extremely bad or amazingly good. However, at the moment, I am getting extremely poor customer service from Tesco’s – one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets. I made a complaint back in mid-July about how I was treated by a member of staff on a recent visit to one of their branches and was told by a member of the customer services team that I would be sent a £10 giftcard as compensation for the embarrassment and inconvenience I experienced. To this day, two months later, the giftcard has yet to arrive. And I know what you’re all thinking “it’s only £10, forget about it’, but it’s just the principle of it all. I’m the Customer Services Manager at my company and I wouldn’t dream of informing a customer that they would be receiving something from us and then never sending it… why would you want to make an unhappy customer even more unhappy?! It wouldn’t exactly restore your faith in said company, but I guess because Tesco are such a big company, they can treat their unhappy customers however they want and get away with it.

Moved to tears

#222: Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.

I can’t remember if I’ve cried because of something’s beauty since my brothers drama showcase back in March, which I wrote about in my blog post Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Pat on the back

#212: Tell someone you’re proud of, just how proud you are.

To the best brother,

I hope you already know how proud I am of you, even though I don’t say it as often as I should. You took independent living at Uni in your stride and, even when refusing proofreading assistance, you achieved a 2:1 all on your own merit! Not only that, you managed to walk straight out of Uni and straight into a job. Albeit, it’s not in an industry you want a future in (and you got it through a friend of a friend you lucky whatsit), but you have picked it up instantly and are now thriving – even suggesting new management systems to increase time efficiency and productivity. I always seem to forget just how smart you are! 

Towards the end of your Uni days, you made me cry… in a good way, of course. I literally was bursting with pride during your end of year Drama showcase, at just how much you have grown up – none of us had ever heard you sing properly, so to stand up in front of an audience and sing solo without music… my hat well and truly comes off to you! You then revealed that you had set up your own mini business whilst a member of the Drama group, too – taking professional portfolio shots and offering equally professional recording sessions, which you would then produce into a proper track. It was just amazing, you little entrepreneur!

I can imagine you’re probably cringing right now with all of this gushiness, so I’ll stop now. But just so you know, I couldn’t be prouder…

Stroke of Midnight

365 days of writing prompts: #1 Where were you last night when 2013 turned into 2014? Is that where you’d wanted to be?

As mentioned in my recent blog post ‘2013 in two thousand and thirteen words …maybe*‘, I have accepted the 365 days of writing prompts challenge set by the fabulous Editors at WordPress, in a bid to turn blogging into a happy habit. Each post will remain short and to the point so that I can keep waffling to a minimum. With that in mind, here goes …

Last night, when everybody else seemed to be out welcoming 2014, I was cosily tucked up in bed … not asleep, but in bed. Since the normal working week resumes tomorrow, I thought it was more sensible to stay in so that I could begin retraining my body to get back into the early morning routine. Admittedly, I would have preferred to have been out with friends and family, but whilst the world continued to sleep off their party head, I had already had my morning work out and completed a lot of the days housework. I’ll always opt for a great sense of achievement over a rotten hangover any day! 

So until tomorrow … have a very Happy New Year wherever you may be!


Image: Stuffkit.com