Change of plan

Today’s post is to go a little off-piste so to speak… slightly wayward! I wasn’t inspired by the suggested prompt so I’ve decided to do my own thing this evening.


Does anyone else think they’re overrated? Or is it just me? Call me a grouch or even an old fuddy-duddy if you will, but I just don’t understand why anyone would want to stand outside in the freezing cold, to basically be left with their ears ringing for the rest of the night?! Plus, they surely can’t be very environmentally friendly, right? And not that I’ve bought any myself, but they can’t be that cheap if you’re doing a display either – you might as well just watch your money burn instead… Although, don’t get me wrong, I completely understand the symbolic nature of the night, that’s been a firm tradition in this country since 1606 (we did a comic in the magazine about Guy Fawkes, which I fact checked to the ends of the Earth!), but there has been fireworks going off here most nights now since Diwali (22nd October) and I’m just ready for a firework free night.

What do you think fellow bloggers?

Rebellion… Here I come!

I’m going to have to keep this super brief as I need to get up in less that 6 hours to catch my flight 😀

I’m going to try to post bits here and there from Norway, so that I don’t fail the challenge… They might not follow the prompts, but I’ll be sure to catch up on them when I get back on home turf.

Have a great weekend everyone!

365 Days of Writing Prompts Rebellion: Trykk tur!

AKA… ‘Press trip’ in Norwegian! I had a think about todays prompt, but I just couldn’t get my head into gear to adopt my favourite authors style in order to complete it. The reason being – I’M GOING TO NORWAY! I’ve been invited to attend a super cool press trip for a famous kids film that involves Vikings (not allowed to disclose just yet) and I’m so unbelievably excited. I’ll be leaving early Thursday morning on an 8am flight (ouch!) but will be taking part in so many fantastic activities… one includes a wind tunnel experience to give us the sense of flying on a mythical, fire-breathing, creature. I’m quite frankly ready to burst with excitement and I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get back!

Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 13.48.47


You can’t escape

So today (or for what’s left of it), I will be cheating on my blogging prompt challenge. It’s been a hectic day and since getting home, I’ve felt really under the weather. The colleague who sits next to me at work (and who I annoyingly share a phone with) is disgusting ill with a lingering cold and instead of doing the decent thing by staying home, she decided that it would be a great idea to infect the entire office. I was doing a pretty good job avoiding it… using antibacterial hand gel as often as breathing, consuming a ridiculous amount of pineapple, vitamin c and pine nuts, and just generally staying away from anything she’d touched… Well, that was until my brother got a cold, too. So for the past few nights, I’ve been segregated to my room in a pointless attempt at trying to avoid this virus, but I think it’s finally got me. So brain functionality, at this moment of time, has well and truly hit rock bottom.

Hopefully I’ll be able to resume normal service tomorrow…

365 Days of Writing Prompts rebellion: Pentatonix!

I’ve decided to rebel against todays blog prompt, as I don’t have enough time to think of a story (be it fiction or non-fiction) that ends in a clever twist. So instead, I thought I’d share this fantabulous new song, which has now become an obsession… I loved Disclosure’s Latch when it first came out last year and I adore Pentatonix, so to have the two combined is a match made in heaven! 

Comprised of five members (Kirstie Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola), Pentatonix are an acapella group who create their amazing music using only their vocal chords. My brother introduced me to this group back at the beginning of 2012 with their amazing cover of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know… immense! Pentatonix then became champions (of course) of NBC’s The Sing Off in 2011, which launched them into further success and they began touring last year. I have now seen them perform live twice and both times they were absolute perfection!

As well as creating La La Latch, the following covers and mashups are amongst my favourites, and seriously if you haven’t heard any of their songs before, listen to them now! You can thank me later.

* Problem – Arianna Grande

* Daft Punk mashup

* Happy – Pharrell Williams

* Say Something – A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

* Evolution of Music mashup

* We Are Ninjas – Inspired by the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie


#229: Scribble down the first ten words that come to mind. Pick three of them. There’s your post title. Now write!

I know this is cheating, but TBC. Today was the last day of the festival, which also included break down… shattered doesn’t even cover it! I’ve booked tomorrow off so will catch up on this one then.


It’s that time again…

I read today’s blog post a couple of hours ago and still can’t think of what to write. I’m sure I’m jealous of the same things many others are… people who have proper paying jobs, being able to afford to live independently (even in a flat share – I’m not fussy!), having the motivation to stick to regular gym sessions etc etc. But then I thought, everyone’s life has its positives too – I’ve got a loving family and a bed to sleep in at night. 

So instead, since I haven’t done this in a while, it’s time to rebel! I’m going to share five fascinating facts about animals that have adapted to suit their environment…

– Camels have the ability to drink up to 145 litres in one go!

– As everyone knows, owls have an excellent range of motion for their heads. But, supposedly, this is because their eyes are too big to move from side to side or up and down!

– Most vultures have bald heads so that eating dead animals is less messy!

– A scorpion can’t sting itself; it’s immune to its own venom!

– Hippos don’t sweat but instead secretive a red fluid from their skin that keeps the animals moist and shields the suns rays!

Facts courtesy of National Geographic Kids’ 5,000 Awesome Facts [About Everything!]

Eeek! Tomorrow is the big day!

So in the UK, I only have 20 minutes until it’s tomorrow and I realise I’ve been so busy preparing for tomorrow’s race, that I’ve completely forgotten to write todays post! Major eeek! I read the prompt but couldn’t think of a suitable answer, so I thought I’d instead write a brief post about tomorrow.

Tomorrow, also Father’s Day here in the UK, will be my first ever charity run. I’m competing in Cancer Research’s 5K Race for Life, with my mum, cousin and brave Auntie, who beat cancers tookus a couple of years back. My target was to raise £100 but unfortunately I am £40 short 😦 I’m thinking of selling some of my stuff on eBay when I get home tomorrow and giving the money to my page so that I can reach my target. If anyone fancies donating, my page is All donations, no matter how big or small, are greatly appreciated. 

For a long time, and before the incredibly inspirational Stephen Sutton, I’ve seen donating to Cancer Research as an investment into the lives and futures of all my friends and family. So many people get this truly cr*ppy disease and it needs to stop. So, cancer… I’m coming to get you!!!


#156: Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.

Hmmm… that’s a toughie because this WordPress challenge covers a whole array of different topics, so something I mention now is bound to come up soon! Although, looking at the prompts I’ve rebelled against over this year, ignoring the prompts I couldn’t complete as they asked me to involve a colleague (as these types always appeared during press weeks!), the topics include choosing my favourite blog – I have too many to pick just one; writing my own eulogy – aside from it being morbid, I’d only recently lost a family member so couldn’t bring myself to even think about something like that; and politics based prompts. So basically, anything to do with politics or that have a morbid nature are a no no for me and will never have a place on my blog!



Evasive action

#126: What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

Bit of an odd prompt… surely it wouldn’t remain a secret if I wrote about it here?! Not that there is one, but hypothetically speaking. 

Instead of leaving it there, I’m going to semi-hijack this post and share with my fellow bloggers how I spent my Sunday just gone, at the Streets of Spain along London’s Southbank! 


It was a four day festival which brought tonnes of yummy Spanish delights to London straight from La Boqueria market! As you can see they also brought their lovely sunny weather with them, too, which made the experience even more real. We looked at every single stall before making a decision on where we wanted to get lunch from, when a certain van caught our eye called The Lawn Ranger… it was covered in grass! These beauties were from a company called The Bowler – Gourmet Balls


It doesn’t look like anything spectacular but it really was! These are Albondigas (Spanish meatballs), that were crispy leek and queso (non-)meatballs on a bed of rice and salad, dressed with delicious aioli! I shared it with my mum but afterwards I kind of wished I’d had one to myself – it was incredibly tasty! It’s a shame though that they don’t have any fixed premises as I’d love to have a different meatball once a week 😀

We also had churros con chocolate (who wouldn’t?! When in Spain and all that!) but I had already started eating them before I got back to our seats so then completely forgot to take a picture of them. Damn enjoyment!

Hopefully Southbank will have another Streets of Spain festival next year… or sooner!


Pictures: all my own (as you can tell by the blurry albondigas!)