Shape up or ship out

#168: Write a letter to the personality trait you like least, convincing it to shape up or ship out. Be as threatening, theatrical, or thoroughly charming as is necessary to get the job done.

2014-06-15 08.36.11-1

Dear Overcritical-ness,

Thank you for you recent appearance following Sundays Race for Life. I understand your concerns that I could have achieved a better time but you have to understand the circumstances.

Firstly, I had not trained in the traditional way. Thanks to an Army Major, who was in charge of my Cardio Combat class a few weeks ago, I suffered an injury to my ankle which greatly limited my training capabilities. This meant that I could not jog or run, however I continued to stretch out and prepare my body through my weekly Yoga practise.

Secondly, when all three thousand participants were being divided into three sections (Running: if you were to complete the course in under 30 minutes; Jogging: finishing between 30-60 minutes; and Walking: if you wanted to wander round for over an hour), as not everyone was honest with themselves. My family and I entered the Jogging party as we wanted to complete the race in under an hour, only to be frustratingly restricted my walkers! To combat this, next year we will be joining the back of the Running party so that we are ahead of the fake joggers.

Finally, the terrain was pretty tough. Not only was it fairly hilly but it had rained the night before making it incredibly muddy and slippery. So, when we were having to zig-zag amongst the walkers, we had to be incredibly careful not to fall over or take anyone else down in the process!

I hope after reading the above you can appreciate the effort that went into completing my first ever 5K Race for Life in a time of 49 minutes. I am incredibly proud of myself and would be grateful if you could, quite frankly, do one!

Many thanks, as always,


P.S. Cancer… I’m still coming to get you!

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Eeek! Tomorrow is the big day!

So in the UK, I only have 20 minutes until it’s tomorrow and I realise I’ve been so busy preparing for tomorrow’s race, that I’ve completely forgotten to write todays post! Major eeek! I read the prompt but couldn’t think of a suitable answer, so I thought I’d instead write a brief post about tomorrow.

Tomorrow, also Father’s Day here in the UK, will be my first ever charity run. I’m competing in Cancer Research’s 5K Race for Life, with my mum, cousin and brave Auntie, who beat cancers tookus a couple of years back. My target was to raise £100 but unfortunately I am £40 short 😦 I’m thinking of selling some of my stuff on eBay when I get home tomorrow and giving the money to my page so that I can reach my target. If anyone fancies donating, my page is All donations, no matter how big or small, are greatly appreciated. 

For a long time, and before the incredibly inspirational Stephen Sutton, I’ve seen donating to Cancer Research as an investment into the lives and futures of all my friends and family. So many people get this truly cr*ppy disease and it needs to stop. So, cancer… I’m coming to get you!!!