Sorry, I’m busy

#258: Tell us about a time when you should have helped someone… but didn’t.

Do chuggers count…? FYI, a chugger is an abbreviation of the term ‘Charity Mugger’, which here in the UK refers to the people that hang around crowded places (most frequently tube entrances/exits) trying to get you to sign up to a “one-off” charity donation, which turns into a regular one (commonly by text message). I have learnt that you need to continue walking, whilst saying “I already donate” in order for them to leave you be, otherwise they’ll send you down a huge guilt trip as to why you should donate in an attempt to get their commission. This makes me sound like a selfish individual but when I can, I do donate. Plus, even if I did want to make a one-off donation or set up a regular one, I certainly wouldn’t do it through a complete stranger that randomly approached me in the street.

Moment of kindess

#171: Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else — loved one or complete stranger.

I always find this type of blog post difficult as thankfully, kind things happen in my life quite often. For example, if I see someone drop something, whether it be their oyster card or some spare change, I’ll pick it up and catch up to them so I can hand it back, as that’s what I’d hope others would do for me were I to drop something. On the other hand, I find that for example, when a spare seat becomes available on the train, guys often will offer me the seat (probably because I’m 5″2 and look like I’m still in my late teens/early twenties! haha). It’s just general kindness and consideration among humans really.

I guess the most recent act of kindness I’ve experienced, is the sponsorship money I’ve received for my Race for Life’s JustGiving page! 😀 I’ve only got £40 more until I hit my target, so I’m planning on selling my things on eBay/MusicMagpie and maybe doing a bake sale in our office building. Even though the race was only Sunday just gone, not only have I signed up for next years one but I’m also considering doing this years Hyde Park Race for Life at the end of next month. Hmmm… decisions, decisions!

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#114: Have you ever had a random encounter or fleeting moment with a stranger that stuck with you?

I’ve spoken to many a stranger in my time but I unfortunately don’t have one that stands out from the rest. I mostly end up talking to strangers when there are train delays… I guess it’s a common thing that we can all relate to at the time, so frequently start the conversation with a bit of venting. Although, thinking about it, I have also struck up conversations with strangers whilst in queues (for anything) or of course, at networking events. Meeting strangers (in controlled environments) is the best as you never know what you’ll get nattering about!