World Brain Day: exploring the brains of the Animal Kingdom

It’s said that we humans have the largest brain in relation to the size of our bodies but what about the brains of the species found within the Animal Kingdom? There are so many incredible brain facts out there… it’s difficult to choose the best ones. Did you know any of these awesome animal facts?

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#79: Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send youย scurrying for peace and quiet?

My first reaction to this prompt, was that parties and crowds fill me with both energy and excitement, as I love meeting new people (which is why I regularly attend events hosted through However, when I thought about it a bit more, it heavily depends on the situation – professional, social, if it was an early start, whether it’s sunny (I know it’s a trivial one but it affects everyone’s mood from time to time) etc. I do tend to have my quiet introverted moments, as I’m sure many others do but I certainly don’t agree with the fact that INTJ’s focus on the big picture as opposed to the small details… I’m all about organising and covering the little details so that I can plan ahead.