Pat on the back

#212: Tell someone you’re proud of, just how proud you are.

To the best brother,

I hope you already know how proud I am of you, even though I don’t say it as often as I should. You took independent living at Uni in your stride and, even when refusing proofreading assistance, you achieved a 2:1 all on your own merit! Not only that, you managed to walk straight out of Uni and straight into a job. Albeit, it’s not in an industry you want a future in (and you got it through a friend of a friend you lucky whatsit), but you have picked it up instantly and are now thriving – even suggesting new management systems to increase time efficiency and productivity. I always seem to forget just how smart you are! 

Towards the end of your Uni days, you made me cry… in a good way, of course. I literally was bursting with pride during your end of year Drama showcase, at just how much you have grown up – none of us had ever heard you sing properly, so to stand up in front of an audience and sing solo without music… my hat well and truly comes off to you! You then revealed that you had set up your own mini business whilst a member of the Drama group, too – taking professional portfolio shots and offering equally professional recording sessions, which you would then produce into a proper track. It was just amazing, you little entrepreneur!

I can imagine you’re probably cringing right now with all of this gushiness, so I’ll stop now. But just so you know, I couldn’t be prouder…

Drawing a blank

#211: When was the last time you walked away from a discussion, only to think of The Perfect Comeback hours later? Recreate the scene for us, and use your winning line.

Last night! Perfect timing WordPress!

As I was waiting to get off the train, after attending a preview screening of Step Up 5 (ace film that makes you want to join them on the dance floor!), a guy asked myself and the girl next to me, our opinion on his dilemma so to speak, that he had been discussing quite loudly on his phone moments before. If I can remember correctly, he said “what would you do if you’d come up with a concept that would fix a big problem and it was pinched and presented by someone else as their own idea? You’d want to kick ass right?”. Trying not to laugh (as he’d clearly had a little drinkie-poos to subdue his anger), I looked at the other girl for inspiration but all she said was “I’d kick major ass”… In a panic as to what to say since my mind had gone blank (*thanks very much brain*), I went with “there’s nothing else you could do but kick ass”… oy vey!!

Once we had got off the train and all gone our separate ways, I thought of some pretty cool responses that I wished I’d thought of right there and then – it’s always the way! My first option was “try to find a flaw in your own concept/plan and expose it”. This way the thief would learn not steal other peoples ideas and it’s a sweet, sneaky form of revenge. But then I came up with option two, which is much better… “in front of the people the thief had pitched your concept to, ask him a question about the design/creation process that only you would know the answer to”. This would also expose him/her and show the people that had been impressed with the concept, that it was in fact your concept and not the work of the thief. Voila!

State of your year

#210: Write up a mid-year “State of My Year” post.

I’m not too sure what a ‘State of My Year’ is… I can only presume it’s an American report type thing that is maybe used in schools or the workplace as a sort of appraisal. So, without sounding deep, during this year so far I have really learnt a lot about myself and who I am. I’ve managed to see things (and people) for what they are and accepted that leopards can never change their spots, I’ve been able to put together a plan for the next five months in order to reach my next stage of where I want to be and I’ve realised that my abilities are more or less endless! 

Thankfully, nothing too traumatic has happened and I’ve only had minor colds or migraines. I’ve managed to stick to publishing a post everyday, bar one occasion where I hadn’t realised I’d saved it to my drafts – although I did publish it the next morning so I’m not going to get too hung up on it! So, all in all I think it’s safe to say it’s been a fairly positive year so far (and long may it continue!).

Life after blogs

#209: Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Incredibly boring! I’m assuming that this prompt is referring to the majority of electronic devices that can access the internet though. At work I’m always on my Mac and then at home, I’m pretty much stuck to my iPad 24/7… especially now since I’ve just signed up to Netflix! Gah! I had a crummy old laptop (literally bought back in ’08/09!) before I won the iPad a couple of years ago, so I use it for emails, blogging, video chatting with family, catching up with TV and researching in order to successfully plan and organise social events. I don’t think there has been a day where I haven’t used it… aside from when on holiday abroad of course!

On the flip side, it would allow me to spend more time reading the insane amount of books I have crammed on my bookshelf, spend time in the garden watching the wildlife as opposed to a screen, spend more time with friends and family actually face-to-face, and finally redecorate my room, which has been on my to do list for years!

Swings and roundabouts!

From A to Z

#208: Create a short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.

Another toughie from the guys over at WordPress today,
But how does one complete it, I heard myself say.
Chloe, pull yourself together – it’s easy to do,
Don’t fret or delay, you know it’s in you!
End is far from sight, I know,
Forget about that and just see how you go.
Gradually, I see that this can be done,
Having to stay focused, always such fun.
I will talk of my weekend, relaxing and chilled,
Just can’t believe they go so quick, not even properly filled!
Kicking myself for not doing more,
Lying that this is what weekends are for!
Monday is frustratingly fast approaching,
Never ever ever enticing.
Oh writers block, how nice of you to show,
Please, just leave me be, I’ve only ten more lines to go!
Quails eggs, zebras, vases and pearl barley,
Random words, bringing me closer to the finale!
Such a different post to be written,
To be honest, I feel that I’ve not been beaten.
Understandably, I’m running out of things to put,
Vacantly staring, maybe I should continue on foot.
Waffling on, with the hardest letters to come,
X-ray my brain, you’ll see I’m not dumb!
Yikes! One more letter, what should it be,
Zero more sentences, demanded of me!

Back to school

#207: If you could take a break from your life and go back to school to master a subject, what would it be?

I would choose to master either Spanish or British Sign Language, because they are both languages I’d love to be fluent in but am yet to even reach a basic level (through self-teaching). I have never had lessons in either of them and, after extensive research, have realised that classes are actually quite pricey, so to have the opportunity to go back to school for free would be amazing! Never thought I’d say that about school…

A friend in need…

#206: Finish this sentence: “My closest friends (as I have two) are…”

…life savers! I met them both through the same job and honestly can’t imagine my life without them. They have both been there for me in different times of need and I can never thank them enough for everything they do. They’re both super kind and thoughtful, and they really look out for me, making sure I’m ok all the time. They’ve got the greatest listening ears I’ve ever known and have the most incredible advice. They’re kind of my life bibles… or should I say life coaches. Either way, I love my two gay best friends!

Screen shot 2014-07-25 at 13.41.03

From the collection of the artist

#205: It’s the year 2114. A major museum is running an exhibition on life and culture as it was in 2014. You’re asked to write an introduction for the show’s brochure. What will it say?

The year 2014. Oh how they did things differently back then! Not that it wasn’t great… they had the triumphant 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the oh-so controversial Winter Olympics in Russia, the FIFA World Cup with Germany emerging as it’s victors and of course, the gorgeous Prince George’s first birthday, but to name a few.

There were however, incredibly devastating disasters such as the disappearance of Malaysian Flight MH370, the overwhelmingly tragic crash of MH17 a few months later, the terrible wars and conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, followed shortly by the violence between Israel and Hamas and then the insanely evil Boko Haram. As the Queen used back in 1992, this year was also in many peoples minds, an Annus Horribilis!

On a lighter note, that year the world was blessed with Disney’s epic film Frozen, people of all ages were obsessed with selfies, planking and loom bands, and most importantly, same-sex marriage became legal in sixteen countries! It really was the beginning of a new era, as you will find out from this new exhibition. Get ready to step back in time!

Screen shot 2014-07-24 at 14.13.08


You, the sandwich

#204: If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it.

Hmm… maybe a collection or exclusive range called Petites, since I’m only 5″2? The restaurant would of course have a French theme, which would be evident in both the food and the decor. The Petites would consist of the best pastries and desserts in London, just in a miniature form! They’d carry a slogan so to speak, that would describe how one of these is all you need or just enough. I always hate when you start to feel sick half way through a dessert, so this would be perfect!

I’d eat there…

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 14.02.40


The stat connection

#203: Go to your Stats page and check your top three-five posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

* Home page/archives – 440

* About me – 82

* The National Television Awards 2014! – 53

* My Liebster Award Nomination! – 28

* From Here To Eternity Review – 23

Even though I’ve listed them, I’m going to discount the Home page/archives and the About me page as they’re not technically posts.

The NTA’s 2014! – I think this one was popular because it was quite a big event in the world of British television. Combined with the fact that not many people get to stand at the end of a red carpet, photographing all of the celebs as they enter! It was an amazing experience (even though it was incredibly cold!) and I was extremely lucky to get this opportunity through work. I’d love to do it over and over again!

The Liebster Award Nomination! – I think this one is in the top three posts because it was an award given to bloggers by other bloggers… so naturally bloggers were interested 😀 Plus it also featured a Q&A style interview, a list of my nominations and the questions they had to answer. It was quite frankly a cool celebratory post to be honest!

From Here To Eternity Review – This was the first review I’d written on my blog, outside of the 365 Days of Writing Prompts Challenge. I really enjoyed writing it, probably because I enjoyed the show so much and think it read quite well in the end.

With regards to connections, each of these three posts include pictures – this could have grabbed bloggers’ attention a lot more as I know, from my own experience, that posts with pictures tend to catch my eye a lot quicker than purely text based posts. Also, I tweeted about them (in the early days it was simply the link to my homepage), so this potentially brought a few more people over. I know for a fact that my From Here To Eternity post wouldn’t have had as many views if Stuart Brayson, the composer of the musical, and Tony Gibbs, renowned songwriter, hadn’t retweeted the link to my review!

Maybe I should tweet about my posts more… see if it affects the stats!