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Screenshot_20190317_144236My name is Chloe May and I’m a freelance writer specialising in wildlife and the environment. I have worked for titles including The Week Junior and NG Kids, and now freelance for a number of different outlets. I began my journalism career at National Geographic Kids UK as their Editorial and Marketing Assistant (a role that I created and developed myself), and created this blog as one of my New Year’s Resolutions back in 2014.

In the beginning, I described my blog as a load of ‘hodgepodge’ because I couldn’t decide on one specific area in which to focus on. I knew that it would start off being a collection of random topics, which includes aΒ 365 Days of Writing PromptsΒ challenge set by WordPress as well as reviews of various shows, films and experiences. Now I know that animals and the environment is where my heart lies and is something I want to pursue and focus all my energy on.

I hope you enjoy my work and please do feel free to leave comments, as I love feedback! Please get in touch if you are interested in working together – whether it be reviews, product descriptions, rewriting, interviews or ghost blogging.

You can also find me here: –


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Instagram – chloemaywarduk

24 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Chloe, thanks for following me. Like you my blog is a bit of a hodgepodge. It started off as one thing, but quickly became something else. If I knew how to separate them into different pages then I would, boy how I wish I had time tor ead all thsoe fantastic blogging explanations, maybe it is in there somewhere. Happy February! Blessings, Joy
    PS ❀ the dress!

    • Hi Joy! Thank you so much for your kind words! I initially starting this blog as a personal challenge to see if I could keep to the 365 Days of Writing Prompts challenge and in a bid to improve my writing skills – in no way did I expect anyone to be interested in what I had to say or expect such a lovely and heart-warming response from fellow bloggers! Happy February to you, too! Best wishes, Chloe

    • Thank you so much! I’ve always wanted to visit Italy but have never known where to start, so I’m sure your blog is going to help me make up my mind πŸ˜€ Have a great rest of your day!

  2. Hi Chloe,
    Thanks for following my blog, nice to have awesome company in the blogosphere!
    Your blog fascinates me and feels so real (which I know it is!)…oh and your job sounds like fun. I’m big on journalism and travel so you just fit the bill career-wise.

    Just thought I’d say hi πŸ™‚

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  4. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can see my list of nominees here and find out what the liebster award is here at bepresentyoga.wordpress.com

    • I can’t believe it – you’re so lovely! I do think I’m in a bit of an overwhelmed manner at the moment to have such recognition. Thank you so so so much – you’ve made my week!

  5. “Hodgepodge” MY NEW FABOURITE TERM!!! It’s just so wonderful to say! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Lovely to meet you!
    and Reading that made me smile!

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