The Secret Life of Foxes… out now!

It may be Easter Monday – the last day that many people in the UK celebrate their Bank Holiday weekend – but I’m excited to announce that my debut book, The Secret Life of Foxes, is available to order from Pen & Sword right now!

Have you ever spotted a fox and wondered where it was heading? Or perhaps you want to know what all the commotion was the other night when you heard those unmistakeable ear-piercing screams? Or maybe you just want to know how you can tell if these elusive mammals have visited your back garden when you weren’t looking?

With a beautifully written foreword from Dr Jane Goodall DBE, The Secret Life of Foxes is written in a way that doesn’t make assumptions on the reader’s fox knowledge by using big, fancy, scientific words without explanation.

Instead, it is an easy to understand, wholesome handbook that will guide you through the world of foxes, with a primary focus on the iconic red fox. The Secret Life of Foxes contains everything you need to know (and everything you didn’t know that you needed to know!) about these mysterious opportunists.

This book is for anyone who wants to learn and understand more about the animals that, many of us, will be lucky enough to have living in our local area. Readers should expect to find captivating imagery nestled amongst educational yet entertaining information. It also includes ways in which the reader can help and support wild foxes through citizen science and various charities and organisations.

It’s a truly timeless book, suitable for all ages, that is filled with fascinating facts, which will hopefully inspire many generations to come.

To order your copy of The Secret Life of Foxes, an entire three weeks before it becomes available to order through Amazon and other well-known retailers, visit Pen & Sword’s website here.

(Images from left to right: ©Ondrej Prosicky, Shutterstock / ©Robert Adamec, Shutterstock / ©Menno Schaefer, Shutterstock. Image used for promotional banner and for the book’s cover was chosen by Pen & Sword.)

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