A whole new world: going freelance

I’m so excited to be back to blogging! Since becoming a full-time writer, my blog has sadly fell by the way side as I completely and wholeheartedly immersed and dedicated myself to perfecting my style of writing.

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to take on freelance projects. I believe freelancing will help me develop and broaden my knowledge and experience even further, and now just feels like the right time to branch out and begin my new chapter.

Without sounding like I’m blowing my own trumpet, I have a really exciting future ahead of me. I recently got engaged to someone who’s job entails a lot of travelling so I know that freelance writing would be the perfect fit. What with wedding planning in full swing and the prospect of taking on new challenges and projects, I’ve never felt happier.

Writing for a weekly current affairs magazine has shown me that I am capable of writing about any topic in any length, whether it be full page features or news stories told in just 45 words.

On the topic of freelance projects… yesterday I received an email confirming that I had been accepted as a Standard level writer on Copify! I had submitted my CV and a sample of work over the weekend, and was surprised to have been confirmed so quickly (the website said it could take up to seven days). So I’m looking forward to getting started and being able to sink my teeth into some copywriting projects.

I’ll of course be keeping my page updated with all the exciting ventures I begin and I look forward to seeing where this takes me.

Until next time…

To boldly go…

#330: An impending new year gives rise to reflection and goal setting. What will your goals for 2015 be? It’s never to early to start thinking about self improvement!

masterclass cloe drawing photo Kjersti Veel Krauss

Good question! Last year, one of my resolutions was to complete WordPress’ 365 Days of Writing Prompts challenge, which I think (minus the odd missed days – thanks Norway press trip!) I’ve managed to achieve.

Since I love self improvement, I’ll no doubt set a quite few various resolutions. Amongst them will probably be – to travel abroad at least twice (I’ve never had two holidays in one year); to finally move into London (it’s been a dream ever since I started working in central back in 2012); to progress in my career – whether it be in magazines/publishing, video editing/presenting/producing or even PR; to take part in more video interview/junkets and video projects; and no doubt to learn something new – whether it be mastering photography, finally learning British Sign Language through official tuition or even taking classes on a particular video editing software… I just love being a sponge!

Image of myself with Head of Character Animation for How To Train Your Dragon 2, Simon Otto: Kjersti Veel Krauss

This post was written as a result of being invited on a press trip whilst I was working at NG Kids Magazine. Permissions given for all images used.

365 Days of Writing Prompts rebellion: Sneak preview!

It’s my first day back in the office after having a relaxing week off, so I don’t really have enough time to write a proper story as the prompt requests, which is a shame. So, instead, I thought I’d share an (incredibly flattering) sneak preview of what will be published next Monday aka Dragons Day! I’ll also be posting and sharing the links and videos on here if anyone wants to find out how I ended up in Norway… in, effectively, a onesie, crash hat and goggles… you’ll be able to here!

Have a great day!Nat Geo Voss Vind (2)

Image: Kjersti Veel Krauss

This post was written as a result of being invited on a press trip whilst I was working at NG Kids Magazine. Permissions given for all images used.


#42: What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

Fox Ice Age 4 Continental Drift, Icelandic Adventure

By far, the most surreal experience I have ever had was relaxing in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, combined with the fact that we were joined by Peter de Sève, the character designer for well-known movies such as the Ice Age franchise,  Finding Nemo and Tarzan, to name a few. I’d only just met him 24 hours before this surreal experience, after summoning my professional self when interviewing him for Ice Age 4: Continental Drift! So to go from having a brief professional relationship, to one where we were all in our swimsuits and bikinis, was a tad difficult to comprehend. This wasn’t even part of the press trip either, it was just something that us UK girls wanted to do with our free morning before heading to the airport to fly home. So, whilst floating around, I remember thinking to myself… how did I get to this point in my career? (I’d only been interning with the magazine for 4 or 5 months, but I’d proven myself so much that they wanted to reward me and also see what else I was capable of!). What made it even more unbelievable was that it was raining/sleeting quite heavily at one point, but we were all still perfectly hot since the water was being powered by volcanic lava (well underneath the surface any way!). It was as if it was completely normal to stay outside when there’s a down pour – it goes against everything you’ve ever been taught about being outside, without an umbrella, when it’s raining. Although, it’s definitely a moment that will never be forgotten – I still remember it very vividly, even though it was back in October/November 2012!

2012-10-27 13.07.16


Image: Peter – Twentieth Century Fox. Blue Lagoon – myself.

This post was written as a result of being invited on a press trip whilst I was working at NG Kids Magazine. Permissions given for all images used.