The Wildlife Trusts and RHS launch their new campaign: Grow a Secret Garden for Butterflies

From today, 12 March 2020, gardeners across the UK can register their pledges online to dedicate a patch of garden or outdoor space specifically for butterflies and moths in a bid to slow their declining populations.

Inspired by the new film adaptation, The Secret Garden, this year’s Wild About Gardens campaign is encouraging all types of gardeners – from the amateurs to the experts – to take action and support the country’s dwindling butterfly and moth populations.

Within the last 30 years, many once-common species of butterfly and moth have experienced dramatic declines, such as the small tortoiseshell which has dropped by as much as 80%.

Just like bees, butterflies and moths are important pollinators. They, along with caterpillars, are also crucial food sources for birds and bats. Without them, who knows what kind of planet awaits us?

“Our garden flowers and plants provide a rich source of rejuvenating nectar for these much-loved garden visitors as they emerge from hibernation”

Frances Tophill, The Wildlife Trusts’ gardening champion, horticulturist and TV presenter.

How to get involved

Getting involved in this amazing campaign couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is pick a spot in your garden and leave it to grow wild with dandelions and daises. You can even go one step further by planting year-round flowers to create your own wildflower area.

You can find out more about this campaign and how to help the butterflies and moths near you by visiting the Wild About Gardens website. Here you’ll also get to make your pledge and see who else is taking a stand to protect these small, winged creatures.

Article created as a result of receiving a press release therefore all images used with permission.

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